Why “I’m Free”

In 2006 I changed my license plate to “ImFree”.  Since then I have been stopped in parking lots, questioned in stores, had people honk at me, pull alongside me at stoplights – all with questions about the meaning of my plates.  I even had a police officer pull up next to me while we were driving down an express way and roll down his window.  I rolled mine down – had big velcro curlers in my hair – and as we were driving down the road he yelled through his window asking me about my plates.  LOL!

So why “ImFree”?

It’s actually a culmination of so many things.  When I’m asked this question my mind starts to race as pictures fly through my mind.  I am hard-pressed to find the right words to summarize 30+ years of “life”, finally coming together to form my own “Aha” moment.  The moment I took a deep breath, released seemingly ages of stress and tension, and truly realized that “I AM free!”.

This blog is my attempt at the explanation.  I see it all in my head, but converting that to words is like trying to take hold of  a sunbeam in the grip of my hand.

My hope and prayer is that someone may read these forthcoming posts about my journey and the lessons I learned and be able to say for themselves, “I am free!”.

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